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Having Relationship Or Marriage Troubles?
Dating But Not Getting Anywhere?
Feeling Stressed Out, Overwhelmed & Not At Your Optimum?
Are You Overweight And Cannot Lose it?
Are You Feeling Lost Or Stagnate In Your Career?

Bree's Thrive! Professional Relationship & Life Coaching Program!

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Relationship Coaching

If your relationship or marriage is not working it can cause a great amount of distress affecting your health, family, and career. The great news is that there is help!

Bree Teaches You...

  • How to Identify and Heal the Problems in Your Relationship or Marriage
  • How to Communicate so You and Your Partner can Understand One Another
  • How to Let Go of Resentments & Forgive Yourself and Your Partner
  • How to Break Old Behavioral Patterns
  • Learn New Loving & Healthy Ways of Relating with One Another
  • How to Bring the Romance Back into Your Relationship Creating a Deeper Intimacy
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Dating Coaching

Are You Single And Looking To Find Your Special Someone?

Then you know how hard this can be in today's dating world.

Bree will teach you the successful do's and don'ts of dating so you can navigate through this often tricky road. You will learn exactly how to pick the right potential partner and turn "just dating"into what you are really looking for.

Make Dating a Successful and Fulfilling Experience With

Bree's Thrive! Professional Relationship & Life Coaching Program!

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Well-Being & Healthy Weight Coaching

When you do not feel well emotionally and physically this perpetuates a state of not feeling well. This negative cycle affects all areas of your life, especially your relationships and professional life.

Bree teaches you how to healthfully take care of your emotional and physical body. You will learn from a holistic perspective addressing your mind, body, and spirit so you can create an overall feeling of well-being within your body and life.

You Can Start Feeling Better Right Away With

Bree's Thrive! Professional Relationship & Life Coaching Program!

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Purpose Coaching

Finding your purpose is vital in being able to create your ultimate lifestyle.

You have a unique reason for your existence with the exact talents and gifts to create it!

Bree guides you through an in-depth process of inner-discovery in order to uncover and live your true life's purpose.

Discover Your True Purpose Now With

Bree's Thrive! Professional Relationship & Life Coaching Program!

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Career Coaching

When your career path has taken a wrong turn or has become stagnate you can feel lost and unfulfilled in your life.

Bree teaches you how to develop new and exciting avenues to expand your career or completely redevelop it to attain your full career potential.

Have the Rewarding Career You Dream Of With

Bree's Thrive! Professional Relationship & Life Coaching Program!

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Woman's Day February 2012

Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A. was thrilled to participate in the Woman's Day February article
on 7 Things Your Marriage Counselor Wants You To Know.

If you are looking to seek help for your relationship or marriage, this is a great must read!



A Special Note From Bree

We all are looking for the same things — love, happiness, peace, and fulfillment in both our lives and relationships.

The great news is that attaining them is possible!

I work with men and women in the comfort of their home or office via phone or online sessions to significantly improve their lives and relationships

I help my clients from the inside out.

We go to the core of what is stopping you from achieving your heart's desires and heal it once and for all!

I teach you exactly what you need to know and how to apply it in order to create the life and relationships of your dreams!

I join with you and together we will get you from where you are to where you want to be.

I look forward to meeting and working with you very soon!


Many Blessings,



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“Bree showed me how to stop wasting my time and money on the wrong women. She helped find the right one and taught me how to keep her happy!”

“Bree helped me figure out why I was so scared to ask out women. She showed me everything I needed to know to break through my fears!”

“Bree understand how men and women think and feel. She is so good at helping each of us  understand the other!”

“I always ended up dating the wrong guy! Bree showed me why I was doing this and how to stop it. I follwed her advice and now am in a wonderful relaitonship with a great man!”

"My marriage was on the brink of divorce when I came to Bree.  We had seen other therapists throughout the years but our marriage never got any better. After working with Bree, I am thrilled to report that our relationship is thriving!  Our marriage is doing so well that we adopted a baby boy…now we are happily married and a happy family!"


"My career was on a steady decline and I couldn’t figure out why.  Bree helped me understand how my thinking and perspectives were dictating my failures. She also taught me exactly how to change them to create success. I am thriving in my career and I couldn’t have done it without Bree!"


"I was in an abusive marriage with no self-esteem. I felt trapped, alone, and hopeless. Bree helped me re-build myself from the inside out.  She was my lifeline and support through the whole process. She even took calls from me in the middle of the night when I was in crisis. Thanks to Bree, who is an angel, I am doing great now. I am happy and free!"


"When I began my work with Bree four years ago I had an eating disorder. Bree helped me understand how my buried past was eating me. Together we uncovered hidden issues that manifested themselves as my destructive behavior. It was an extraordinary journey into healing, acceptance, forgiveness, and truth. Today I have a healthy relationship with food, and more importantly, with myself. I understand myself now and I exercise great care in nurturing myself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I feel more peaceful and vital than I ever have thanks to Bree!"

"Bree saved my life! I was on an extremely negative and self-destructive path. I destroyed every relationship I had and was very unhappy. Over our work together, Bree taught me how to accept and love myself. I know if it were not for Bree I would not be here right now. She believed in me when no one else did. I owe her so much!"


"I had worked with other counselors before but I was blown away by Bree's amazing ability to discern the unconscious issues driving the conflict in my life and relationships.   Bree helped me to heal in every area of my life. She always was so loving and patient with me. I am so grateful for all of her help!"

"Bree helped me get to the bottom of why I always picked the wrong man. It was not easy because I fought her on every step but she never gave up on me.  Bree is amazing and a life-changer!"




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