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My husband and I are always so busy with life—work, the house, the kids?that we never spend anytime together …is this bad for our marriage? -Kristen from Illinois

Dear Kristen,
When a marriage lacks the proper time and nurturing it can lead to the end of the marriage.  Therefore, it is vital to prioritize your marriage and create special alone time for you and your husband.  This alone time can be fifteen minutes a day and a special night out once a week. The main objective is to re-connect and express to one another the good stuff…your love for one another!

. . . marital distress. We are 28, no kids, married at age 21. He says his "switch" for me emotionally/physically has shut off; but doesn't know how to fix it. This is hard because the other aspect of our relationship is great. Can we get this back?

Dear Believer,
As I read your question, what stands out most are your feelings of hurt and confusion about your husband's inability to turn his "switch" emotionally/physically back on for you.  There can be many reasons psychologically, emotionally, or physically that can cause this "switch" to turn off in individuals.  The first step is

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My husband is stressed out about work and is pulling away from me, what can I do? -Renee from California

Dear Renee,
It is quite normal for your husband to pull away when he is stressed out.  He is acting this way because his brain is wired to go into his "cave" so that he can make sense of everything he is going through and solve it. As women, when our man does goes into his "cave", our natural instinct is to follow him and ask, "Why are you pulling away from me?"  Unfortunately, this usually causes

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