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My wife always complains that I am not romantic what can I do? - Fred

Dear “Fred”:


Your wife sounds like millions of other woman who wish their husbands were more romantic.  The truth is that what your wife and the millions of other women are really looking for are signs that you love her, desire her and still want to be with her.  So putting romance into your relationship will be in the ways in which your wife will feel these things.

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No matter how hard I try, my fiancé will not make the changes I keep telling him he should make to help our relationship, what can I do to get him to listen? “Ann”

Dear “Ann”:

I hear how frustrated you are with your fiancé. You probably feel that if he would just listen, everything would be great in your relationship.  However, the real answer is so simple, stop!  Stop telling him what he should do, men do not respond to that type of communication.  Actually, most healthy functioning

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All I do is go to work, go home and start all over the next day, I am not fulfilled in my life, how can I feel like my life is worth something? “Timothy”:

Dear “Timothy”:

The simple answer is your life is worth something because you are worth something.  You, me and all of us have value and worth, not because of what we do but because of who we are.  Each of us intrinsically has value and worth. “Timothy” you do not have to earn your worth, it simply exists.  If you are

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How do I handle all the stress in my life? “Atlnta”:

Dear “Atlnta”:

Your question is one I have been asked by almost everyone I have ever worked with. You are not alone in this!  The answer is quite simple, self-empowerment.  What I mean by this is empowering yourself to take your life back.  Usually when I am asked this question it is because the person has allowed their life to become overwhelmed with stress.  The solution is realizing; your life is your own,

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