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How do I stop fighting with my partner? “Gregster”:

Dear “Gregster”:

It takes a great strength of character to not get angry and proceed to attack the other person while defending yourself and your position.  In fact, that is the more common interaction when people start arguing. It becomes a continuum of attack-defend, defend-attack, attack-defend with a negative downward spiral into

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I hate my job, what do I do? “Nannette”

Dear “Nannette”:


It is wonderful that you have the awareness that you hate your job.  I say this is wonderful for it is an important first step.  So often we can get stuck in a rut of mild discontent which is not strong enough to motivate change. You sound motivated and that is a great place to be positioned for change to occur.  Nannette, simply ask yourself, “what is “it” I really want to do” and then listen.

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How do I have a more balanced life? “Frank”

Dear “Frank”:


What a great question.  Certainly in today’s world we can all benefit from finding balance. I believe that all the advances in technology, the break-down of the family and community, the cost of living and intense financial conditions along with the frantic pace have created an epidemic of imbalance in our lives.  To add insult to injury, the marketing powers to be, have conveniently packaged and sold this way of living as “normal”.

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