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My four-year boyfriend is arguing with me and told me he needs to be alone and he can't be mine due my religion. I really love him please help!

Dear Arahzoo,
I am not sure of your nationality and do not want to step on any specific cultural toes, but it sounds as if your boyfriend wants to end the relationship with you. He is blaming it on your religion but it sounds as if that is just an easy excuse to get out of the relationship.
As well, his actions on Facebook

are a strong indication that he is already moving on-at least emotionally.  I highly recommend that you accept what is happening. I know it is very hard when you love someone and do not want to lose them.  However, from what you shared in your full question, he is making it very clear that he wants out of the relationship.  We can never force someone to stay with us, nor should we.  As painful and difficult as this is for you right now, it can be a wonderful opportunity for you to grow as a woman.  It really comes down to loving yourself enough first. Once you do, you can move on to find the right man who will be honored to be with you and love you-which is what you really deserve.  

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