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My long distance boyfriend is a doctor and always busy. Sometimes days go by without us talking should I break up with him?

Dear Leela,
Unless your boyfriend is an ER doctor, who works 24-hour shifts back to back, there is no reason you should not be speaking daily.  Long distance relationships are very difficult and require extra special care to keep the bond and intimacy strong. For all long-distance relationships, I recommend having an "end plan."   For instance, continue traveling to see one another and after a certain time period, such as six months, make a mutual decision that one or both of the partners will move in order to keep the relationship moving forward. As far as breaking up with him, you have to make the decision whether you are willing to put in the time and commitment to make this relationship work or not.  Be sure to include in your decision if he is just as willing and committed, as it takes two to make it work.

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