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How do I handle all the stress in my life? “Atlnta”:

Dear “Atlnta”:

Your question is one I have been asked by almost everyone I have ever worked with. You are not alone in this!  The answer is quite simple, self-empowerment.  What I mean by this is empowering yourself to take your life back.  Usually when I am asked this question it is because the person has allowed their life to become overwhelmed with stress.  The solution is realizing; your life is your own,

how you live it is up to you and how you react and handle things is in your hands.  Gaining this self-awareness allows you to make choices which serve you well instead of harming you.  The beauty in this is that it is all up to you.  You get to prioritize and decide what parts you want to keep and what parts you want to let go of.  The key is that you always have options, always.  It is when we forget this that we become buried in situations which cause us to feel too stressed and overwhelmed. You always have options. You always have the power to make positive changes in your life to create the life you want to live, always.


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