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Where are all the good successful single men without baggage?

Dear Ally,

Your question is one uttered by many single women today, even more so in certain geographical areas. I could give you a list of places to look for "good men" but I feel it is more important to identify why you are not naturally attracting this type of man into your life. What I mean is that we attract things, people, and circumstances according to what we think about and focus on. For instance, if I focus on "I can't meet a good guy" then I will attract men that fit into that belief. So instead of a common list of places to find a man, start with your thoughts instead. Use your imagination and visualize a plethora of "good successful single men without baggage" everywhere you go. Practice this tool of "seeing" these men everyday.  Imagine what that would feel like and then bask in that feeling. If you commit to this and do it regularly they will show up!

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