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I believe in God, but I can’t seem to find a connection to God in my life, can you help me? “Searching”

Dear “Searching”:

How fantastic it is that you are “searching”. You see your action of searching means you are driven to find answers and truth.  I would like to share with you that what you are searching for is already within and awaiting you.  You have all the answers and truth within you.  They are your personal answers and

own personal truth.  Neither I, nor anyone else can tell you these things, we can only encourage and inspire you to keep looking within.  The connection to God you are looking for already exists within your own heart.  You can feel inspired by external situations such as nature, a church, a book, a teacher, or a spiritual teacher/leader. However, the true and real connection is located within your own heart. We often miss this simple truth because we become too busy with the external world and forget to get quiet with the most important one, our inner world.  Taking time to become quiet, breathe, shut the distracting thoughts off, focus, breathe some more and connect to your inner self is vital to find what you are looking for.  Your intention is there.  All you have to do now is take the time to experience your own inner journey and feel the connection you are looking is there!


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