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I have tried many different churches but I never feel like I belong-how can I connect with God? “Nan123”:

Dear Nan123”:

In your question, I hear that you are seeking a place to connect with God.  The simple answer is that you can stop looking for that place.  You see, you already have the “place” for it is located within you.  You heart is the actual doorway in which your

connection to God is located.   Connecting to God occurs within our hearts first and then we can experience that connection in all areas of our lives.  Getting quiet within yourself, seeking that connection and asking to feel the connection will work wonders.  The connection is already there and turned on, it is there for us when we are ready.  How amazing for you that you are on this journey.  As well, I am certainly not dismissing going to church in anyway.  In fact, finding a church in which you feel comfortable and connected to the people in the church can provide wonderful experiences of community and fellowship.  Just never forget that your connection to God is right there within you.


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