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My wife always complains that I am not romantic what can I do? - Fred

Dear “Fred”:


Your wife sounds like millions of other woman who wish their husbands were more romantic.  The truth is that what your wife and the millions of other women are really looking for are signs that you love her, desire her and still want to be with her.  So putting romance into your relationship will be in the ways in which your wife will feel these things.

If you have no earthly idea of how to do this for her, simply ask her.  For example, you could say something like, “Honey, I want to be romantic so you know that I love and desire you, I am just not good at it.  I need some help from you to know what actions and words I can do which will create this in our relationship.  I really want to do this right for you.”  “Fred”, by asking your wife in this way, she will have the opportunity to see how much you do love her and that you are trying.  From here, just keep the lines of communication open and have a little fun with it all.  Romance doesn’t always have to be so serious and mushy; it can be light, sweet and fun.  The road map for you and your wife’s romance department is located within each of you.  The way to the road map is communicating together about it.


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