How Do I Get My Wife to Have More Sex with Me?

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Frustrated with your sex life?


No matter how many times you approach your wife, it seems like nothing leads to more sex?


Are you left scratching your head wondering how to get your wife to have more sex with you?

It’s simple!

Let me give you an analogy to help...


Imagine it is the dead of winter with below-freezing weather and you have one of the most incredible performance sports cars known to man in your garage. You see your car and think, Mmmmm … I want to take that baby for a ride! So you get into the car, turn on the ignition and speed off going from zero to 60 in five seconds flat. All of a sudden the car stops, you get out and open the hood to check out what is wrong. You see the car has no fluids! None! No gas, no oil, no transmission fluid, no brake fluid, no power steering fluid ,and no antifreeze. The car is completely dry and unable to perform.

Do you see where I am going with this?


Just like the car, in order for your wife to perform or even want to perform, she needs certain things to occur first. 


Relationship Help From Expert Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A.


The first step is to stop guessing and ask your wife directly what she likes best. Get the answer straight from her, because she is the only one who knows what gets her in the mood.


You can say something like, “Honey, what do you like to have happen or do before we make love?”


The second step is to listen carefully! Really focus on what she is sharing with you.  Once you have her formula, provide what she needs genuinely and sincerely.


The third step is knowing this vital information… she wants to feel desired by you but not just for sex.  Tell your wife how beautiful and desirable she is but you must mean it. You see, women can spot a false compliment to get sex a mile a way! Instead of immediately paying attention to her specific physical attributes tell her all the ways in which she is so beautiful and desirable to you. Be genuine with your words, and you will see her warm up to you! In other words, the fluids in the engine will be filled.


Finally, she wants to feel emotionally connected with you before and during sex. This means spending quality time together, having plenty of eye contact, and talk about things that are real and important for her. When you do this she will feel close to you and that will lead to wanting to get close with you physically.

Now, if you take these steps and do all you can for your wife and she still does not want to have sex with you, there may be a deeper issue going on.


Perhaps she is experiencing…

  • A low libido
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Emotional problems
  • Trauma issues
  • Unresolved resentment toward you


In these cases, it is important for you to lovingly communicate your concern and assist your wife in any way she needs. This can mean helping her find the right professional help medically or psychologically along with listening to the issues she is experiencing in your relationship.


If you wife has a low libido (sexual interest and desire) it may be caused by exhaustion from work, taking care of children, stress (emotional or physical) and even medications.


Having too little sexual desire is the most common sexual issue among women, reported by 10 to 51 percent surveyed in various countries and affecting an estimated 30 to 45 million women in the United States.


If this is the case for your wife, then there is a very simple solution. I highly recommend:     NutraMetrix® Prime Time Female Libido Formula


If your wife does not want to have sex with you due to issues in your relationship, the good news is that I successfully help couples with this issue all of the time. You can get past the anger, resentments, lack of communication, and problems in your relationship to have a great sex life again!



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